This is a timeline of TheEmpoleon65 (Cory) and XxCoopSxX (Nathan)'s time on Ultimacraft on Friday, 27th April 2012.

Time What happened

TheEmpoleon65's boat (8:33pm)

Cory builds a boat.
Approx. 9:30pm Nathan comes on Ultimacraft.
Approx. 9:44pm-9:50pm

Snow Golems fighting Zombies and a Blaze (9:44pm)

9.49pm (1)

Nathan and Snow Golems fighting a Giant (9:49pm)

ory and Nathan fight Zombies and Giants with Snow Golems.
Approx. 9:57pm

Nathan killing a Zombie (9:57pm)

Cory sees a Mineshaft in a chuck error and digs down to it and he and Nathan explore it.

Nathan in the Void. (10pm)

Nathan digs down to the Void.

Cory ends up dying in the Void.

By 10:12pm
10.16pm (1)

Nathan fighting mobs (10:16pm)

10.16pm (2)

Nathan fighting mobs (10:16pm)

Cory was spawning mobs on the PVP Arena and Nathan was fighting them.
10.17pm (3)

Giants. Note the burning Tree House. (10:17pm)

10.17pm (4)

Nathan fighting mobs. Note the burning Tree House. (10:17pm)

The nearby Tree House has caught fire, Cory and Nathan are unaware of this.

The Tree House and Pig Statue burning.

Nathan noticed the burning Tree House and told Cory.

Cory noticed the Pig Statue had also caught fire.

By 10:21pm
10.21pm (2)

The Pig Statue after the fire was put out.


The Tree House and Pig Statue when the fire was put out. (10:21pm)

Cory and Nathan had got rid of the fire.
Approx. 10:35pm

Nathan is trying to figure out how to rollback the damage, but can't.

Cory's laptop overheats and turns off. Cory stays off Ultimacraft for the rest of the day.