Nyan Cat Repaired

Nyan Cat

TheEmpoleon65's Nyan

TheEmpoleon65's Nyan Cat (prior grief)

was built by TheEmpoleon65.

General Information

TheEmpoleon65's Nyan Cat was built on Monday, 12th March 2012 by TheEmpoleon65.

Nyan Cat Grief

Nyan Cat Griefed

On Saturday, 17th March 2012, Nyan Cat was heavily griefed and burnt down, only the rainbow was untouched.
Nyan Cat Box

Nyan Cat's repair box

tjcporter put Nyan Cat in a wool box for repairs, as, for unknown reasons, Nyan Cat's grief could not be rolledback.

On Tuesday, 3rd April 2012, TheEmpoleon65 repaired Nyan Cat.


TheEmpoleon65's Nyan Cat is located in Spawn.

A copy of TheEmpoleon65's Nyan Cat is located in the Showcase.