Ultimacraft Pong is a game TheEmpoleon65 created using Scratch.

Right now, the only way TheEmpoleon65 can let other people play Ultimacraft Pong is to send it via email/Skype.

General Information

Ultimacraft Pong involves playing as either TheEmpoleon65 or tjcporter as the paddle and Minecraft mobs being the ball(s). The mobs change into another mob when hit.

The mobs includes:

  • Blaze (added in version 2)
  • Cave Spider (added in version 2)
  • Creeper (added in version 2)
  • Enderman (added in version 2)
  • Ghast (added in version 2)
  • Magma Cube (added in version 2)
  • Silverfish (added in version 2)
  • Skeleton (added in version 2)
  • Slime (added in version 2)
  • Spider Jockey (added in version 2)
  • Spider (added in version 2)
  • Angry Wolf (added in version 2)
  • Zombie (added in version 1)


There is a siege of mobs wanting to attack the players of Ultimacraft and TheEmpoleon65 and tjcporter must fend them off.

How to Win/Lose

When the games starts, You Got Bonked by Starship Amazing plays and the aim to keep the mobs away from the red line until the song ends and you win.

Letting the mobs get to the red line makes you lose.


Ultimacraft Pong, the first version created, just involved defending the red line from a Zombie.

In the second version, the other mobs were added.

In the third version, "You Lose" and "You Win" screens and Co-op were added.

In the fourth version, mob sound effects were added.

Planned Adds

  • More players.
  • Cave Spider Jockey.


The level number depends on how many mobs there are. Level 1 involved one mob, Level 2 involved two mobs, etc.


Single Player

  • Mouse/Touchpad: Used to control TheEmpoleon65/tjcporter.


  • Mouse/Touchpad: Use to control TheEmpoleon65.
  • Left/Right Keys: Used to control tjcporter.


  • TheEmpoleon65 was inspired to create Ultimacraft Pong at school, during an ICT lesson.
  • TheEmpoleon65 often plays/works on Ultimacraft Pong when he can in school.
  • TheEmpoleon65's schoolmates claim they don't like Ultimacraft Pong.
    • However, they watch and look interested when TheEmpoleon65 is playing it and some play it themselves.